Outdoor LED Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Whether you require outdoor lighting for gas stations, warehouses, or parking lots, you need to ensure you get the appropriate type of industrial or commercial LED lighting.

When searching for high-quality lighting for a business, you should consider the different types you can get. Whether you’re in need of canopy lights or other types of fixtures, you can find the right light for your facility.

Canopy Lights

Canopy lighting is typically used for gas stations, but is also ideal for many other types of businesses that have overhanging canopies, such as parking garages and hotel entrances. You can even customize the colors and brightness depending on the specific locations and the canopy height, providing plenty of illumination to a variety of spaces.

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LED Pole Lighting

Pole lighting is another popular option for outdoor areas of commercial and industrial facilities. You can use them in street lights for lighting in parking lots, warehouses, and residential areas, along with other types of outdoor spaces.

Many roadways also use them to provide adequate lighting for drivers in all types of weather conditions. Ultimately, these lights are typically used for safety purposes, offering plenty of lighting for both pedestrians and drivers to avoid potential accidents.

Low Ceiling Lighting

Low ceiling lights are useful for areas that have low-hanging ceilings, which can include parking garages and other locations. These lights are also customizable depending on the needs of the application and the facility’s specifications.

Flood Lights

Another commonly used commercial and industrial lighting system is the flood light, which can provide light in many types of locations. Facilities can use them for stadiums and other spacious areas that require a large amount of lighting, but they are also useful for providing lighting around warehouse exteriors and other applications.

How to Determine Where Lighting is Needed

All types of industrial and commercial facilities need a complete lighting system for the proper illumination of both exteriors and interiors. There are many options to choose from like gym lighting, but you may want to speak with lighting experts to help you determine which lighting is ideal for your facilities.

When working with an LED lighting company, you can figure out which types of systems work best and where they’re supposed to be installed.

In certain cases, you may be able to retrofit older lighting with new fixtures, which can help you save money while allowing you to take advantage of existing systems. Whether you need lighting for parking lots or gas stations, or other facilities, a team of professionals can provide you with the right assistance. You may even find that you require lighting that you may have otherwise neglected to consider.

Using the right combination of passivated LED lighting such as flood lights, low ceiling lights, or other fixtures, you can benefit from an energy-efficient system that provides sufficient lighting for many years. You’ll be able to reduce property expenses while remaining comfortable in knowing that you have a functional lighting system that helps keep both visitors and employees safe.